Pittsburgh brides are crazy

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Someone is punking me. Are they serious?

This couple had a newlywed brawl the night of their wedding. Holy shit that is awesome and slightly disturbing all at the same time. She left in her wedding dress! How embarrassing!

The BF and I don't get into too big of fights in public. I tend to talk pretty loud, and yell even louder, so I can understand if someone mistakes my "talking" for "fighting."

Awhile back I made the BF watch the Lifetime movie where DJ from Full House plays Fred Savage's girlfriend. He's the wrestler and she's the not-so-popular younger girl that decides to date. (There is a point here. I promise.) Anyway, I refused to change the channel and the BF stayed in the room commenting on how stupid the movie was. Well, I know he was at least paying attention to part of it, because when we are in public places, he imitates part of the movie. He pretends to grab my neck and say "You said we'd be together forever."

OK. Now. This is funny to me. However, if you just see a guy do this in the middle of a store or say the grocery store, you are going to look twice at them. No, he's not abusing me. It's just his sick humor.

Lesson learned -- watch Lifetime by myself and don't get arrested on your wedding night.


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