Relationships gone bad

Anyone and everyone who lives with the ever graceful, Ms. Paris Hilton is a bad example of living together and a relationship all wrapped up into a ball. I'm not a fan of Paris. Never have been. She stands for absolutely nothing and has a whole army of young girls thinking it's OK to speak in a kiddy voice, twirl around and pouting your lips for the paparazzi to snap a picture of you. Not cute.

Remember this interview from Larry King? It's amazing what natural make-up, a flowery dress and low-key hair can make viewers believe. Great, great PR move for her, but she's done little capitalize on it or shape her image in a positive way. Instead, she's choosing to search for a new best friend with MTV's help. So much for helping those less fortunate in Africa.


Deutlich said...

that woman should walk off a cliff.


ok, I don't really mean that. but if she disappeared forever I'm not sure I'd be sad.

Maureen said...

I can't stand her either and thank the heavens I'm not a tween/teen girl right now. Growing up and being surrounded of images of Paris Hilton and all those other "starlets" who are famous for nothing (nothing = sex tapes) is going to create one very annoying and "pouty lipped" and "kiddy voiced" generation of young women - all of whom think the highest achievement in life is to be followed by paparazzi.