Step by step

Friday, April 4, 2008
Dear 10-year-old self,

Your favorite band from childhood is back. Now, if only Madonna would go on tour with her new CD this summer. I can't wait. They are performing May 16 on the Today Show. Roadtrip to NY!


Joanna M said...

I actually thought of you this morning when the big reveal on the Today Show was New Kids on the Block! How did I know you were a fan?

Deutlich said...

I am SO ready for that tour and will NOT be missing it. Oh hell no. I didn't see 'em the first go round so I refuse to miss it this time.

Allison M. said...

I didn't go the first time either.

surviving myself said...

I just hope they're as good as they used to be!

OK, not really.

I actually feel sad for them.

Alexa said...

so i saw NKOTB twice when i was younger and watching them on the today show this morning was glorious.

i was so excited for their appearance this morning i slept in my new kids on the block sleeping bag.

um, yes.