36-hour trip in and out of LA

Thursday, May 22, 2008
So, I was out in LA for a quick in and out visit for work. After driving (not really) around in the city, I can say with 100 percent certainty that I couldn't live there. First off, I would hit the asshole drivers. I just would. Just because I could. Idiots I tell ya! Even in my short visit, we managed to see David Spade who sat at the table next to us. Quite interesting. He really IS that short in person. Then, when we went into Fred Segal I saw that chick from October Road and That 70s show.

One other thing I noticed. People don't eat in LA. I'm telling you... I overheard the sales chick in Fred Segal say, "No, I'm sorry, we are all out of a size 25 in J brand." Seriously! An f'ing size 25! I think I was that small when I was 11 not at 40 -- she was a little too old to still feel the need to keep up with the young Hollywood girls. Eat some carbs, honey. It'll do a body good.


Anonymous said...

I am so star struck, I would have LOVED to see Donna Pinciotti!!

Mon said...

yea, im with amy..im starstruck just reading this post!

rs27 said...

How dare you! LA rules. Hold on I have to go throw up my organic apple.

Anonymous said...

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