Bach parties galore

Monday, May 19, 2008
Bachelorette parties are hilarious. They always are. Well, that's how I spent my Saturday night -- partying it up in a friend's honor who is taking the leap into marital bliss. The typical antics happened - the opening of amazing lingerie that I wanted to steal, the reminiscing of all the old BFs/sleeping partners/make out partners of college years past and acknowledging the new boy who she is set to marry in the middle of June.

To be perfectly honest, I cringe at the idea of being made to do stupid things with a veil on my head. (Editor's note: I typically do stupid things on any given night. If I'm going to do them, at least let me be in my own clothes.)

With that said, my dear friend Hannah completely went along with everything her friends did for her. She wore the black tank top with lifesavers, loosely sewed on to make a buck from guys who would suck them off. She was reluctant to throw it on because she had bought this cute white tank top with "Bride" glowing in silver metallic letters on the front. She even cooperated when they threw this veil adorned with condoms (both in and out of packaging) on to her head. She's a freaking trooper I tell ya!

Halfway through the night, she whipped off the tank top and still wore the veil. I guess I've never paid much attention to all the brides to be bar hopping, but holy hell there were a lot of other ones out that night. A lot with really bad outfits on.

But, the best part is the guys who flock around the bride-to-be. I can't even remember how many guys asked, "So are you getting married?" Seriously! No, the girl who is wearing the veil stuck with condoms and tank top embroidered with "bride" isn't getting married -- one of her friends is. You know, the one with no bride gear on at all to her right. OMG -- Idiots I tell ya.

So, readers, what's the craziest thing you've ever seen happen? It doesn't necessarily have to be one of your friends. Maybe just the crazy bride that you saw out that night.

At one of my friend's parties last summer, someone thought it would be a great idea to throw her on stage with 6 or 7 male strippers. Bad idea. After we paid a boatload of cash to get her on stage (unknown to her) and saw how horrified she would be based on the other girls' reactions, we all pinky swore to never do that to each other. Although, when it was all said and done, the bride-to-be wasn't even mad at us. She was completely surprised, laughed her ass off and we have the most classic and horrified pictures of our friend to date. Plus, she's still our friend to this day.


Anonymous said...

gawd, I HATE stupid questions. I was just talking to my BFF about it.

Narm said...

I was at Howl at the Moon and a wedding party came in to party. My roommate got his picture taken with the Bride as a joke and then the Groom tried to fight him in the bathroom. Good to see there is a lot of trust in THAT marriage. The night ended with the entire wedding party, as well as the roomie and I getting thrown out of the bar and the roommate yelling "Its not my fault your wife want to ____ me" to the guy.

We're pretty mature.

Alexa said...

i don't even know where to start with some of the bachlorette parties i have witnessed.

the best one though was one i was NOT apart of just witnessed. a bride at the velvet dog roof top ('nuff said) went up to a guy and said she wanted to get laid before she got married and wanted to see if he was interested.

um yeah, we heard them banging in the fuckin women's bathroom!