Bad example of living together: Hollywood style

I don't even need to comment. I really don't. How do you say "so not going to work out" in Mariah's lingo?

Not only did they get married after only dating for a few weeks or months, they are going to join the tattoo laser removal club. Did you see the size of Nick's tat across his back? Holy crap that is ballsy and going to be quite expensive to remove. At least hers is a tramp stamp -- a couple rounds with a laser can shrink that.

BF - If you love me and are reading this, buy me a new Louis Vuitton purse. Don't waste your time getting a tattoo to profess your love. A new bag will do just fine. And, quite frankly, probably last a hell of a lot longer.


surviving myself said...

I don't understand. You're doubting Nick Cannon's ability to love????

Alexa said...

i got stoned on summer day after my senior year of high school and got a matching tattoo with my best friend.

I WAS SO STUPID!!!!!!! i'm not friends with her to say the least.

thank god it isn't visible to anyone.

ugh. so young and naive.

sophie said...

i soooo got to get my live-in boyfriend to read this. he's on the verge of making up his mind to get my name tattooed in Hindi. things couldn't be more scarier. and you're right. he might as well get me a new bag. hahaha!

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