Face it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008
The BF took the liberty to throw a picture of me up on Facestat.com. He wanted to see what people thought of my picture. He continues to amaze me with the dumb shit he does. After he sent me the e-mail, he calls me immediately to see my reaction. I've never heard of this site so I have no idea what this means. I just see a picture of me on a Web page. Then, I find out it's real and am going to have to think of some retailation method. Perhaps stealing his credit card and buying new shoes will work.

Besides the fact that my right eye is scaring me, people think I'm a Califorian, liberal, dating and bright (of course because I am). Oh, and they also think I'm 32. Maybe I should grow out my hair so I look 25 again.

Check out the weight categories. What the F is "skin and bones" and "o the extreme!" If you have low self-esteem, don't upload your photo.


Deutlich said...

now that's a site I could do without.. I'm mean enough to myself w/out having the added benefit of strangers making it worse. haha

surviving myself said...

You think "o to the extreme" has anything to do with orgasms?

Alexa said...

BAHAHA. oh my god, that is hilarious.

not your face of course, but that fact that a site like this is even out there! i must continue to explore it

Michelle & the City said...

that site is hilarious. i've never heard of it.

and 35-39? seriously, who were those people kidding?!

michelle v said...

There is nothing wrong with looking 32 :)

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