Friday Fodder

Back on March 5, the BF passed me this large note with a checklist titled "Things you must do to make me happier."

He checked off about 20 odd things I should do "from now on" to make him happier. It's pretty funny. I need to find out where he pulled this from because I could create one long ass list for him. Anyway, here are his responses for what I should do from now on to make him happier -- or else.

1)Tell me I'm smart. (Ha!)
2)Blow your nose softer. (Get over it.)
3)Smile and nod. (I do. Then I speak my mind.)
4)Get off your high horse. (His is higher than mine.)
5)Admire my ass. (Poor kid. Hardly has one.)
6)Become famous. (Does having a blog count?)
7)Kill that spider. (That's what YOU are for.)
8)Do what I say. (Are you f'ing serious!)

Here are some things the BF should work on immediately.

1)Pulling away from the TV and acknowledge when I talk to you.
2)Learn to like new foods --eating tomatoes and mushrooms isn't going to kill you.
3)Improve driving skills. (At times, I'm afraid for my life.)
4)Stop thinking you can decorate. (We had this discussion. I win if I pay for it all.)


Mel said...

HAHAHAH! OMG, that is so freakin' funny. I agree with the tomatoes and mushrooms thing. He still makes a point that he ate the tomato salad at my sister's wedding when I ask him why he doesn't eat vegetables.

He just fits right in with the family and its no-love-for-mushrooms. My dad hates them. My grandpa hates them... LOL

GMan said...

you never know though....mushrooms and tomatoes could kill him! And in my opinion just about everything green can kill!

Christina K said...

Allison, there's a whole line of this stuff and some is sold at ZGallerie. When Phil and I first started dating, I got him a "Things You Must Do to Make Me Happy" booklet as a joke and recently found a co-worker sticky notes that say Do This Or I Will...with boxes to check off, like cry, punch you in the face, etc.