Maturity doesn't bring wisdom

As boys get older, it seems that they just mature into bigger idiots than they were when they were in their teens. My point is Marc Dann, Ohio's former attorney general. What a flaming idiot! Like most politicians, he was involved in a sexual harassment scandal that blew up in his face, forcing him to resign after impeachment papers were thrown his way and an investigation by the Republicans. (I paraphrased -- read the full article for all the juicy details.)

Aren't you boys ever going to learn? When you are a public figure of any kind, you can't do that stuff anymore. I mean, you can, but get ready for your personal life to be splashed across the front pages every newspaper. You can't sleep with prostitutes, cheat on your wife without getting caught, crash vehicles that the state owned when you are drunk or wrongly fire people -- you just can't. It didn't work for Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Rob Lowe, Sean Penn, Hugh Grant and the list goes on and on.

It's like the more money and power a man gets (just in this case of course), the worse decisions he could make on a daily basis. As one of my coworkers just put it, just admit it if you are a scumbag right off the bat. Don't act like you are the Brady's because we all know you are faking it anyway. Plus, when your scandal does finally leak, your only public statement should be, "Well, I told you I was a scumbag from the beginning."


Narm said...

I'm a Grade A scumbug - just letting you know.

Alexa said...

this dude is too friggin much. i guess power brings women, duh.

although i would hardly call them classy women