Weekend hangover

Monday, May 5, 2008
Well, my little four day break from the BF is over. He's coming back from a work trip in San Francisco some time later tonight. I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself. I know I did because I had a packed weekend of events. On Friday, two friends and I watched 27 dresses, ate unhealthy cheese dip and starbursts (bad combo). On Saturday because it was a downpour, I had this bright idea to hang curtains in the dining room before he got back.

One) Just to prove I can.
Two) So I could pick it out without his opinion. (You may remember that as long as I'm footing the bill, he has little to no say in the decor. His rules, not mine.)

Well, I didn't. I was bored with the selections in Target and think I'm going to whip something up from the fabric store. Anyway, my college friend came over, we chatted and hung out until she had to jet off to a wedding. Then, off to Cleveland's fashion week (we have one too) for Unclothed, a Cool Cleveland party. I was actually impressed with the turn out. It was a very eclectic group of people from the art/fashion world of Cleveland. Here's a round-up from the event from Kim Crow at the Plain Dealer if you want to read more.

To end the night, I met friends at Willoughby Panini's with no BFs present at all. Felt like college again. Can we go back? Seriously. Because I want to. Only sometimes on weekends like this past one.


Karen said...

The years I did spend away at college are becoming distant memory since I graduated high school - cough- 16 years ago-
but just the other night I was remembering the few years after college-which were only 10 years ago or less!-
and how much in those years I missed college life. It really stands in a class of its own.
Now almost all my friends are married parents and truly we barely see one another.
It just changes, you know?

But sometimes I do truly miss the days when going out to a bar with the girls was where it was out, and when my guy friends weren't married fathers and we could all hang together whenever we wanted.

Working Girl Two said...

i've only been out of school for a year and it's pretty rough. i miss college so much!

i still get to hang out with my girlfriends, yes, but we're all spread out over the country. a few in this city, a few in that. i miss the days when we would all hang out on rainy days in our houses and watching reruns of the office and eat crappy food and plan the guest list for our keg party for the night.

oh the memories!