Burning up

Feeling bored? Sex the same? Maybe you should have sex for 101 days like these married peeps did. Or, you could try and do things together. Apparently, having fun together will cut down from the ridiculous divorce rate that we all know and love. OK. So maybe it won't cut down on that, but it will make you grow stronger as a couple. Swing dance, go sailing or yoga -- it works for these couples.

What works for you? Whether you have been dating the same person for four months to four years, what do you do and don't do together?

Me... we'll we all know how much I love the motorcyle. But one thing we don't do is work out together. Ever. We might take an ocassional walk in the metroparks but I draw the line there. Working out and running is my time to be alone with my iPod. I can sing to myself, think about anything and everything and unwind on my own. I look forward to that time. Plus, the BF might be a bit faster than me and I can't have that.


Mon said...

well I'll definately never have bodily functions in front of the man. I think that keeps the magic alive.

Aim high, I always say!

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