Friday Fodder

Friday, June 6, 2008
Here's an activity that's sure to turn even the most boring Friday night upside down.

Meet the Position master. Just scroll your mouse over to see some of the unique positions they recommend to try.

Cowgirl's helper. Standing wheelbarrow. Manchair.

Can I meet the person who came up with these names? Those don't sound like sex positions, they sound like a farmer's orders. Narm, did you come up with these?


Mel said...

Oh yeah! I "got lucky" and took a spin on quickie sex. Problem solved with : THE PRETZEL!

Now I just need an available man.

Narm said...

You know what they say - nothing to do in the country but fight, drink and fuck. I chose the last one.

surviving myself said...

You know, I used to subscribe to Men's Health, but now I don't. It basically became a men's cosmo and I hate it for that.

Rachel said...

Are there actually people that can pull all of those off?

Does that make me sound like a prude?

Katelin said...

wow those are sort of ridiculous.

Allison M. said...

Mel - Check out Cleveland singles in the paper today. Maybe one of them will pretzel with you?

Narm - Let's hope your mother doesn't ever read this.

surviving -- But we all know you kept the kama sutra part.

Rachel -- Yes, you do sound like a prude. Now go practice some of them.

Katelin -- Damn straight.

Alexa said...

ok i chose get lucky and they chose the seated missionary. boring. gimmie something more fun to work with wheel o positions!