Make- out no no's

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kissing your girl friends = not cool. Although, I'm hooked on the new Katy Perry song -- I am. And, I'm pretty tempted to go buy the whole CD on iTunes but I haven't made it that far yet.

However, I hate girls that make out with their girl friends for fun. I really do. Girls, why do you do that? For attention? I have a solution for you -- get a puppy or kitten instead. It will pay all the attention to you that you need it to.

Really though. I've always been perturbed by girls who do this at bars. Guys will gather around like something out of a chugging contest and convince girls to do it. Or, playing as coyly as they can, they will start making out for whatever reason on the dance floor. Girls and making out immediately attracts every loser in the bar or club. Didn't you know that? Or, maybe you did, but those four martinis made you lose your better judgement.

As I'm remembering my college years, I'm trying to think if any of my friends ever made out. I don't think they did. If they did, they got a mouthful (literally) from me. You could always count on in it happening on spring break. Like clock work might I add.

(Editor's Note: Ohhhhhh, spring break. Don't you miss it? I loved planning our spring break trips. I will never ask that question again, "What do you girls want to do for spring break?" Damn you, adulthood.)

So, girls out there (especially in Cleveland), keep your lips to yourself or to the random guy at the bar who you think looks cute with his collar popped, spiky hair and puka shell necklace. (He's still probably a d-bag, but it won't really matter until the morning, right?)


Alexa said...

collar popped, spiky hair and PUKA necklace!!!!


fuckin puka necklaces. they will forever be the death of me.

Narm said...

Girls who make out - put out. Its a simple rule all guys know. If it wasn't true it wouldn't rhyme. That is why guys love to see girls make out.

Allison M. said...

Alexa - Why did/do they wear those?

Narm -- How did I know?

addy said...

Oh lord. I have a friend who gets drunk and does this, and it makes me nuts. So trashy.

Mon said...

the best part of girls/friends making out, is that guys get into its real. like they are actually going to go home and bang each other, and invite them to watch/participate. Men have very active imaginations.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for girl-on-girl kissing.. but.. you know.. if they're in a relationship or DATING.

that crap that dumb chicks pull? stupid and childish.

Mel said...

Narm, could you please introduce me to those girls? Thanks.

Allison M. said...

Addy -- we all have those friends.

Mon - Girls gone wild is real.

Deutlich - Yes, I'm talking about the dumb chicks that pull that shit.

Mel - Try flats (what's left of them) or W. 6th on Saturday night.

rs27 said...

I hope no women read this blog post.

It's all lies. Making out with each other makes you smarter!

Believe me.

Ask Narm. He knows whats up.