Meeting the Parents Part II

Well, I really thought I'd have more funny and awkward moments to report that I do. So if you expected awkward parental conversation, this post isn't for you.

Nothing completely out of the ordinary happened. The fathers talked about motorcycles, and I think the mothers talked about teaching because both of them are teachers. I sat between the dads -- more exciting conversation happened. I do remember the BF's dad talking about my cat and saying he needed to get laid. (Captain Jack is my hilarious cat who is in retirement because the BF is deathly allergic to him. I think he lies about how deathly allergic he really is. Can't medicine solve that?)

So, we enjoyed nice "summer" Cleveland weather, food at Gamekeepers and two hours of conversation. The parents have now met. Case f'ing closed.


Katelin said...

well yay for a normal meet up. glad it all went well, it can definitely be stressful.

Mon said...

Well, no story is better than a bad one!