MP -- it's your time of the month

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Let’s face it. Men have some form of a period. Rapid mood swings and irritability all come to men in the form of the MP (male period.) If you don't believe me, read more here on the MP.

Sure, guys blame it all on the girls. We are "crazy" during that week, "evil" and the "way too moody" for him. But, what about men? They have it too -- just not in the fun form we women get to experience it at.

Here's the one where I don't know if this would apply to me --
If you want to broach a touchy topic…
Ask: from 8-10 p.m.

From 8 to 10 p.m. on any given day, he's watching Deadliest Catch, a movie or some documentary that's in HD. Just the other day I saw him watching some underwater sea adventure -- just because it was in HD. How do I compete with that?

I don't. I wait for one of my favorite movies to be on or TV shows (he hates E!) comes on.

Him: "You've already seen this shit about Lindsay Lohan."
Me: "I missed the last five minutes of the Daily 10, so I need to watch the whole thing through."

At this point, I can normally negotiate something if I change the channel. Weak spot found -- He can't stand the celebrity gossip.


Mel said...

So, I guess if the ass passes out every night before 8, you're S.O.L. in ever trying to resolve your issues?



Katelin said...

i totally agree with you. my bf definitely gets moody every now and then, haha.

rs27 said...

they missed the most obvious one.

If you want him to agree to whaever you're saying..

Ask him when the game or Victoria Secret Fashion show is on.

So easy. I'm giving away secrets!

GMan said...

First of all trust rs27, he knows his stuff.

and just CAN NOT compete with HD, well you can but not without some effort.