That question

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Last week, I finally made my way over to our leasing office to officially sign our lease. Thank god those people are flexible. I had verbally confirmed with them that we were resigning, but I was about two weeks past their due date of signing -- oops. I like the leasing agents in that office. They are, for once, friendly, know my name and my apartment off the top of their head. As the leasing agent is going over the paper work, she advises me that nothing has changed and to initial on every page and sign two other places. So, we are talking and I'm half listening/half reading the lease when I hear, " proposal?"

Me: I stop initialling and think, What the F is this!? "No, there's no proposal."
Her: "Really? I thought for sure you two would be engaged. He's so cute."
Me: Gulping, "No, we aren't quite there yet."
Her: "Well, are you going to marry him?"

Seriously. It was bad enough that I was going to have to face that question at the wedding I was heading to that night, but I was now getting asked the future of my relationship by the leasing agent. I've concluded that maybe she wants to marry him and has a definite crush on the BF. More power to you!

Now, can I get a month of rent free?


Rachel said...

What is up with that? Weird.

Talk about up in your bizness.

Katie said...

The nosy-ness never ends. If you get married, it's "When are you having kids?" ... People are so nosy.

You should tell them that in your religion, marriage is a sin and it's only in living together forever that you'll get into heaven. That'll put it to 'em.

Mon said...

If its not "when are you getting married" it's "when are you having kids". People seem to think it's ok to butt into your life like that.

addy said...

I get this ALL the time. From the security guard at work, to my chiropractor... and the other day, one of my bf's friends asked! Ask HIM, dummy! What is with that!?

Alexa said...

there are certain questions that should never be asked by someone you barely know. that is one of them.

Allison M. said...

Rachel - Yes, but it could've been worse.

Katie -- I'm so trying that one next time.

Mon -- That question won't be asked for 7 to 10 years. I'll make sure of it.

Addy -- How well do you know your chiropractor?

Alexa - Didn't you ask me that the other day? ha ha

sophie said...

Oh tell me about it. People just won't stop asking me that exact question. My usual retort is:

"Oh I will. After you get married."

If the asker is married, I'll add...

"...sorry, I meant after you're not."

Sounds cruel but it usually shuts them up for a bit. Enough time to think up another subject.

Or escape.

Katelin said...

i just found your blog today and i'll be moving in with my bf too, so far i love it! and will definitely keep on reading :)

and we get asked the wedding question a lot too, haha.