Today marks the spot

Monday, June 16, 2008
It was two years ago that the BF and I made it official. (Applause or tears - you choose.) It was two years ago when I was the intern and he was the full-time employee that I just couldn't resist (this is his story, not mine). After many months of what I thought was "our" secret, our cover was blown to more than one of co-workers. (Here I thought no one knew we were "secretly" dating.)

In honor of this day, I'm not going to give a list of thank-you's for the past two years, but rather a list of your welcomes.

Your welcome:

-for dating you.
-for laughing at your jokes when no one else does.
-for increasing your sense of style.
-for expanding your taste buds at local Cleveland restaurants.
-for having an amazing, talented and beautiful girlfriend.
-for not being a head case.
-for riding on your motorcycle with you even though I fear for my life because you drive like a maniac.
-for not making fun of you to your face for your OCD with cleaning or your hair.
-for being neat and clean (Ahem).
- for not stalking/calling/texting a million times when you are out doing "guy things."
-for being hot and ambitious.
-for being BFFs with your friends (I think they like me more than you).

Now. Where's my gift?


Matt said...

Thats awesome...because you should be thanked.

Congrats on the 2 years. Thats not an easy feat.

Katelin said...

haha love it.

and happy anniversary!

Alexa said...

hahaha. that was GREAT!

he better get you something good.

Jim said...

where can i get a woman like this?