Unapproachable my ass

Thursday, June 5, 2008
"That's because you are unapproachable." That, my blog friends, is a phrase I heard from the BF while he was courting me back in 2006. He would always point out that I was unapproachable. He even said that if he saw me at a bar....he never would've approached me. That I would've shot him down if I were with my friends. Ummmmm I don't know about all that. But, when I saw this approachability test on Cosmo, I couldn't resist to test his little theory even though I knew I was right.

According to this ever-so-scientific study, I'm an open people-person. I'm not the cold-hearted girl you don't want to to talk to. I'm the girl who stands in a social space, like a kitchen, and make myself available to chat with anyone. As a side note, people always talk to me. I know the BF thinks I'm unapproachable, but you wouldn't believe the people that talk to me.

Just the other day I was in Linen's and Things, this woman started talking about how she bought the perfect bed-in-a-bag, but didn't realize that the "comforter" was actually a duvet. She kept referring to the "duvet" as "nothing more than a sheet" and how "could anyone use that for covers." I tried to explain it to her but she didn't get the concept of a duvet. And, I couldn't get a freaking word in. Anyway, she preceded to tell me all about her bedroom colors and the bright blue wall she painted. I was exhausted just listening. But, my point is, I'm freaking approachable. So approach me, biatch.


Anonymous said...

oh goodness.. that conversation would've had my head spinning. Gah!

Narm said...

I still have no idea what a duvet is and I have done the same thing that woman has done. Please educate me.

Allison M. said...

Deutlich -- You have no idea. I had to literally show her how a comforter fit into the duvet.

Narm -- A duvet is a cover that you would stuff your Power Rangers comforter that you probably still have. It's an easy way to cover up an old comforter.

christina k said...

Allison, I'm an "ideal cell phone: the perfect balance of being outgoing and receptive" too. However, you're much louder than me. :)

Allison M. said...

Yep, that's what mine said too.