Beautiful morning

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The BF has seen my beautiful face for almost every morning for a year now. He sees me at my best all dolled up (not with tranny make-up), and then my more natural self in the morning.

I get it. Girls aren't always as strikingly gorgeous in the morning as when you met them 6 beers in at that dark club. Or, with tons of make-up on. But, we aren't that ugly in the morning.

"Allison, you're beautiful, just not in the morning." I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud at him when he first told me this. What guy in there right mind says that to his girlfriend and doesn't expect a hard slap? Stupid boys. Although, it's not like he looks like Brad Pitt in the morning either - hello, morning breath. Gross! Sick! I'm not a fan of morning makeouts. It only happens in movies, not real life people.

I admit it. I don't look that hot in the a.m. My eyes are slightly puffy but nothing out of the exorcist or worse, Pam Anderson. (Now there's a chick who needs all the tranny make-up help she can get.) Apparently, I'm scary to the BF and my mask makes it worse.

How scary is your girlfriend or boyfriend in the morning?


Narm said...

The lady friend looks fine in the mornings - but is a complete zombie. I'll ask her a question and get the same groan every time. It is not an agreeing or disagreeing groan - just a "I don't care about anything coming out of your mouth so please stop talking" groan.

rs27 said...

If I had a girlfriend she would look awesome with no makeup on.

Those girls exist right?

Alexa said...

well when i wake up in the morning i look at my teddy bear and say, "hunny you look hot today!"

Sarah said...

sleepy boyfriend is adorable. and for the record, i love morning makeouts :)

Amy said...

Morning makeouts...yucky...poo...gross. Who DOES have fresh minty morning breath? NO ONE.

Katelin said...

my bf actually looks okay in the morning, makes me jealous. i, on the other hand, usually have some crazy hair and sleep eyes for a while. i don't really function well until a morning shower.

Allison M. said...

Narm - I'm also a zombie in the mornings.

rs27 - You've lived in LA a little too long my friend.

Alexa - I'll find you a slam piece.

Sarah - You have to hold your breath, right?

Amy - 100 freaking percent agree!

Katelin - The shower is a total beauty chamber.

Mon said...

I guess he isn't a fan of the morning quickie?

And Pamela? she scares me. She might be on her way to being like Michael Jackson

mel said...

I mean, I enjoy sex with people while they're sleeping, but definitely not in the morning. Gross.