Cougar hunting

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Saturdays can get lame. The same old bars, people and d-bags in those same old bars. Well, my friends and I decided to liven things up and head to a Catholic school's festival. (Granted, we had all gone to Catholic schools at some point in our lives. But who the hell let us in?)

It was a hop, skip and drunk walk from our (me and the BF) friend's house. So, the boys played cornhole and got their asses handed to them by some 35-year-old who probably had kids in this school. This, I might add, pissed the boys off. They have spent years perfecting their game in the BF's friend's backyard... only to get beat by a dad??!!

Later that night, after a bottle of wine, my friend Michelle and I walked back over to Casino night to give the boys more money and scout for these so-called C.C's (Catholic cougars). Holy crap were we out of place. Cougars, W.T., old men and a woman with a Virgin Mary t-shirt were in this place. So, we gambled with dollars and ended up giving some our money to the church. (I'm not a fan of churches to begin with, but since it did have something to do with my upbringing, I felt I could throw $20 at it to get some good entertainment.)

I was dissapointed by the lack of cougars that I heard about at the previous casino night. There were a few here and there. Apparently at the last casino night (yes, there is more than one), they were prowling like vultures and hit on a few of the guys with their husbands close by their sides. (Swingers? In a Catholic church?)

I guess it just goes to show you that God loves all his children - swinger, cougar or not.


Katelin said...

that just sounds so random that there are cougars and swingers at a catholic event, haha. i love it.

Narm said...

When I first moved to Cleveland the only girls that ever hit on me were Cougar. I was like the Jack Hanna of Cleveland bars.