Date her

Thursday, July 3, 2008
OK, calling all you single, good-looking, responsible, career-focused men of the greater Cleveland area. Mel is ready to mingle with you.

Here are a few of her dealbreakers
1. Kids with multiple baby-mommas
2. Men in their 30s (and beyond)who still do whippets
3. White furniture with brass accents
4. Someone that keeps me waiting

Here's what she has to say:
That being said, I declared I am ready to date because there are also many things I miss as being part of a couple — again, things that were missing from this last year’s roll in the hay.

So, if you are up to the challenge, read her blog, e-mail her (no creeps allowed) and just maybe you can go kayaking with her.


Alexa said...

i'm ready to mingle tooooooooooo! haha

Mel said...

Ha. Thanks, Allison!

-A said...

if you are making a list of your single, attractive friends looking for a decent guy, add me to it! (Looks like alexa wants in too)Thanks! haha

Mon said...

Its certainly hard to find a nice guy! That's for Damn sure! Good luck!

Mel said...

Oh, #5: Must not be an adult male and use smiley or winkey emoticons in e-mail responses.

This is a new dealbreaker after reading one-too-many online dating profiles and connection emails.

What the hell is that *wink* supposed to mean? Ew.

Allison M. said...

Alexa and A-

Ok - you'll be next on my list.'

Mon - I have a feeling Mel is going to kick my ass if a bunch of weirdos reach out to her.

Mel - I think it's like the "poke" on Facebook - WTF?

Narm said...

I'm not single, good looking, responsible or career-focused - and my status as a man is debatable.

Am I eligible?