Friday Fodder

Friday, July 11, 2008

Marriage tips? From a priest? I'm still not a believer.

A 79-year-old priest is giving out marital advice and apparently people are listening.

Most of what he said can be ripped from any issue of Cosmo or even Men's Health.
Obviously you can't change a person. And, I'm always weary of girls/guys who don't have a close group of friends. There is an issue there. I don't care what anyone says. And, if the priest is agreeing with me, something is either very wrong or very right.


Mon said...

i totally agree, learned that the hardway, not having friends. at first its like, oh cool, youll always do what i want then its like, oh, youre....psycho,,,and you have no life of your own.....helllllllllllllp.

Katelin said...

yeah it's sort of weird that a celibate, non-married priest is giving out all this advice. granted i guess you don't always have to experience everything to have an opinion about it. interesting.