Love on a reality show

Truth be told, I think the lights, Hollywood hills home and constant cameras can make anyone fall in love. Take the Bachelorette or Bachelor for example. I don't typically watch this show. You've seen one, hell, you've seen them all. Girls love guy, guy makes out with girls, girls cry and fight with each other and someone wins at the end - or at least until the season finale.

Well, let's hope in this case it isn't true. I've watched every DVR'd episode of this season's bachelorette, called my friends during commercial breaks, messaged Jesse and even thought I figured out how it would end. Jesse, her now fiance, and I are friends from our days back in high school - way back to the class of 2001. Based on rumored information, I thought he'd make it to the top four. That was it. Come on - did you see him in InTouch weekly with the hideous technicolor coat on? Anyway, he said that "America would hate him on the first episode." I now know that he was just trying to throw me off the whole time. My friend Gretchen and I had a master plan that Deanna wouldn't pick him and he'd be the next bachelor.

Well, I guess we shouldn't be betting women because we would've owed someone a lot of money. Good luck, lovers.


Alexa said...

i didn't watch the show at all. but i do know she is greek right?

so your friend won? that's nuts!

Mel said...

But how bad did you feel for Jason?

OMG, he was so crushed. Where is he so that I can pick up his broken pieces?

Mon said...

i didnt watch this year...i think it interfered with two other shows I record. Sometimes I like it though. Knowing someone is a totally different story though.

Momo said...

Shut up, you know Jesse!? I loved him. I'm glad he "won." :)