The next bachelorette

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's our favorite trainwreck again- Tricia Walsh-Smith. A Manhattan judge granted her husband a divorce on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment with their pre-nup intact and her walking away with $750,000.

If you ask Tricia, she was basically thrown out on the streets because that's pocket change to her. But, more importantly, how is a YouTube video considered cruel and inhuman treatment? Really? Inhuman treatment? She didn't castrate him she just ranted on YouTube and more or less did herself in. Stupid and immature? Yes. Trying to squeeze more money out of an air-tight pre-nup? Yes. But cruel and inhuman? Sorry. Both are in the arts and like to keep things dramatic. The demise of their relationship was nothing but dramatic.

I vote Tricia to be the next Bachelorette!


Narm said...

If she had just ranted and raved I am sure it would have been fine - but going into some pretty intimate details about their sex life wasn't one of her better decisions.

Miss Mar said...

A good trainwreck does make for good tv ratings..

Sarah said...

she's totally going to end up with her own show...and i can't wait!

Karen said...

It cracks me up at the end of the article when her attorney is quoted to saying, "This is a victim who is holding her head up," he said. "I think she comes off well."

Totally! ;-)
(slandering youtube videos, whining about $750k and all!)

Maria said...

I've loved watching this. It is fantastic!!

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