Penis Envy

Nothing like some good Penis talk on a Thursday.

On your lunch break today, take a minute to read this article from Kara Baskin. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"But, ladies, do you understand his penis?

Outwardly, the male body seems so simple, of course. Guys don’t have to worry about annoying things like periods. Their sexual organs dangle outside their bodies, arousal is easy to identify, and what you see seems to be what you get. But once you’ve dated enough, the plot starts to thicken. We all have our war stories: There’s the dreamy guy with the semen that tastes like turnips; the sweet Emo guy whose penis curves terrifyingly to the right when erect; and that burly football player who couldn’t get an erection at all. Untrimmed pubic hair; hairy balls; lopsided testicles. Each guy is a little weird in his own special way. And if he isn’t weird? Well, that’s weird too."

If you are in a relationship where the guy is great but his penis is malfunctioning, I think you should pick up her book "Size Matters" and take a lesson from the Good Sex Fairy herself, Kara Baskin. Or in my opinion, which Kara probably won't agree with me on, dump him. Have your fun, enjoy the rendevous while it's fabulous and then move on when it takes a dive into the dumps.


Mel said...

Ew, I would never date a weird penis.

Mon said...

good god have I seen some weird penises. Ahhhhhhhhh haaaaaaa! True though!

Narm said...

You ladies don't exactly have the Mona Lisa down there either...

rs27 said...

I second Narm.

Gusy have a lot more work to do in the bedroom. We have to get the equipment working.

Alexa said...

i just puked a little in my mouth about thinking about turnip gook.

oh lord.

@narm - tous chez

Anuschka said...

my question is: how do you dump guys with penis weirdness politely?

Allison M. said...

Mel - Do you check before a first date?

Mon - All are weird.

Narm - It's beautiful in its own way.

rs27 - Take the magic pill?

Alexa - funny though, right?

anuschka - You don't. You just stop calling them.

Mel said...

Ha! No, Alli, I guess like everyone else, I find out the hard way.

Touche... :-)