Breaking up is hard to do

How can we be lovers if we can't be friends? That's Mike Bolton is thinking right now and wishing he didn't write that song either. After a long ass engagement to Desperate Housewife, Nicollette Sheridan, he's back on the market and prowl without all the hair. (Michael grow back the hair. It was the best part of your videos.)

Since she's probably a cougar at heart, she realized she needed to spread her cougarness with all the young pups in Hollywood. Next on her list - Justin Timberlake, Jesse McCartney or the kid from Hairspray. Look for wild clothing, heavy make-out sessions and run ins with the paparazzi on Robertson Blvd.

Rock on, Nicollette. And now, a moment of silence for the next 3:52 as I sing loudly to my favorite Michael Bolton song ever.


adriana said...

Oh man. I am so sad that I know all the words to this song. My mom had the tape, and one day got it stuck in the tape deck of our car. It was stuck in there for over 6 years, until I inherited the car and pried it out with a butter knife.

But my lasting guilty pleasure? I actually sort of like the songs.

Can't wait for NS's cougar escapades.

adriana said...

P.S. I just rocked out to that video. And noticed how out of sync it is for the first time.

Narm said...

I can't help but think of Office Space whenever I hear Michael Bolton.

"Why should I change my name? He's the no talent ass-clown."

taawd said...

i thought this was breaking news and you were going to have to change the name of your blog.


taawd said...

um, one more thing, why did MB have to always Whoo-hoo in the middle of his songs. it's the only thing that made him uncool... or was it cool?

Allison M. said...

adriana - such a great song. My roomies and I used to blast this sober and drunk in our house.

Narm - Michael Bolton for life.

Taawd - No need to worry. He's cool. You look up 80's hair and there's a pic of him.

Deutlich said...

I had no idea that they broke up!

Joanna M said...


Dare I admit I went to Blossom to see MB? On purpose. There was a time I LOVED him and still do - at least a little!

~Kali~ said...

Why is it that Celeb breakups seems to be so much quicker than normal ones? Like a celeb will get over their ex super fast and move on and you don't ever see them slummin it or crying or looking sad...that sucks. I wish for once I could have a celeb that I could relate to in my current breakup state. need to read my blog- it's back. I'm back. And I'm single. Blech!
(get a wordpress user name and password and let me know what it is and then I'll add you to the readers list...It's still private, but at least I'm blogging again...right?)

~Kali~ said...

ummm...and I"m stupid...

I spelled it wrong...I'm sorry! :)

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