Friday Fodder

Friday, August 22, 2008
This is about the time where Jessica Simpson's stock starts dropping. Honey, we've all been burned. Granted, I don't think it included an entire VH1 episode, Rolling Stone article or CD courtesy our the ex-hubby, but we've all had our share of bad relationships and can empathesize with you.

I used to love her voice, her style and personality. I was rooting for you. However, when you make snarky comments on radio shows about another girl calling or texting, your stock takes a plunge in my mind. You are an artist, right? Take your anger out in your music. Write a song. You'll make more money that way... Hello.. doesn't anyone remember "Cry me a river" and what that did for JT's career?

And, don't deny it, you totally are that girl that looks through his call log.


Narm said...

Who knew you could make a career out of stupidity. I thought George Bush was the only one to pull it off.

Damn I gotta stop making these political jokes in people's comments.

Miss Mar said...

"And, don't deny it, you totally are that girl that looks through his call log"

I totally thought that same thing when I read that article earlier today!

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