Keep it in the pants

Let me first start out by saying, Mr. Edwards, I thought you were intelligent. Really. But, like most other d-bags, you cheated on your wife - idiot! Hello - you are really famous. This stuff sells newspapers! Did you really not think it was going to get out?

From this article:
"I am responsible for it. I alone am responsible for it," Edwards said on ABC News "Nightline.

No shit, Enstein. No shit. Although I'm sure the chick with the badly bleached hair had something to do with it, too.

Well, what we have learned here. Let's try to do the opposite that politicians have done this past year and find another vice of sorts. Yes, Mr. Spitzer, that means you too.

What about hair twirling? That doesn't seem to hurt anyone or be controversial. Then again, Edwards does pay $400 for hair cuts, right?


Maria said...

I was completely dumbfounded when I heard, mostly because the NATIONAL ENQUIRER broke the story, but also because JE ran a campaign so based in values. Politicians cheating on their wives is nothing new. In fact, I would say it's the rule rather than the exception.

PS: That photo was taken in my hometown, and I was in the press box!

lacochran's evil twin said...

My mother's comment: Of course he cheated--he's a man... but did it have to be with someone so ugly?!

Me: Um, perhaps the tabloid news didn't choose the most flattering shot.

Jim H. said...

Let's not forget that John McCain also cheated on his first wife. So watch how he tip-toes around this one without saying too much.

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