At the Ro k

Friday, September 19, 2008
"You smell like alcohol," says the BF when I got home last night.

Give me a break. I had only had two beers in a 4-hour span with these peeps at the Rock Bottom Brewery. Since Taawd is secretly a woman, he celebrates his birthday all week long...just like some of the girls (like me) do! The BF passed on the festivities to watch Transformers for the 300th time to see Megan Fox - should I be concerned? Probably not, but have you seen her on the cover of GQ?

Here's what I learned:

Taawd likes celebrating 36 way more than 35.
Alexa showed up from what sounded like a great party with a few co-workers, including Connie of the dum-dum challenge. (yes, that one!)
Narm won't french the waitress - no matter how much Alexa tries to bring back frenching.

"I'm going to bring frenching back," says Alexa. Watch out Clevelanders, here she comes.


Mon said...

wait a minute. when did frenching go out? I know I live in a small town but, c'mon......I am dating a clevelander, so that should count for something.

Or, do you mean random frenching? Cus, that shouldnt be brought back, thats just...wrong!

Alexa said...

oh frenching was never gone - just the term was. i'm all about bringing frenching back.

who are you going to french tonight?

Kelly and José said...

Sorry we did not make it. It sounds like we missed out a good time.

Sar said...

i love frenching. and, in fact, i am all in favor of wearing t-shirts or something to support this noble cause.
especially around my bf who, when i attempt this fun activity, never fails to remind me that i am not sixteen.
stupid boys.