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Monday, September 29, 2008
Over the weekend, the BF and I attended a gorgeous wedding for one of his college friends. (Since I've attended double digits in weddings in the last two years, I tend to critique things because they all start to look the same after awhile. The decorations were amazing - fall scene with browns and golds that completely transformed the room. It was a great location to begin with but you get the point.) That's beside the point though.

I've only met his college girl friends a few times because most of them live outside of Ohio. However, it never ceases to amaze me the stories they share of him from back in their days at John Carroll. Here's a snippet of our conversations:

"Do you remember when Colleen walked in on you?"
"No, I think I walked in on him with that girl," Jill said.
"Do you remember when his car was stuck in the snow and none of us would help him?," Amy said. "We all just peeked through the blinds which pissed him off even more."
"He lived in the basement. I think it was his idea to move in with us."
"Didn't I blond tip your hair?"

He turned red but never really denied any of it. (I guess you can't when 4 other people have the exact same story.) It seems that they all had a great laugh, and continue to do so, at the BF's expense.

See, his last year of college he lived with four girls - all of whom I've met over the last two years. What on earth made him move in with them is beyond me? Maybe he wasn't aware that we fight, are messy, leave clothes all over and trade shoes and shirts like it's going out of style. Needless to say, they all have their favorite "BF" story and will probably share them on here now - they read the blog.

I wonder how many guys lived with girls and have lived to tell about it? Could you imagine? People like Narm or Tawwd might pull their hair out and OPENLY start wearing Secret deodorant and shaving with women's shaving cream. Maybe that's where the obsession came from?


Narm said...

I have never lived with a girl because I prefer to not be murdered. It's a personal choice. If I get married I am guessing my wife is going to recommend I get my own apt to stay at half the time so she doesn't go insane.

Katelin said...

i never thought i could live with a boy...until i moved in with the bf. boys are just weird roomies, haha.

Alexa said...

i lived with two guys for a summer in college and lived with one dude this summer. i think its pretty damn easy personally.

but it takes a certain personality to live with someone your NOT sleeping with. haha

rs27 said...

As long as you have separate bathrooms, beds, fridges, tvs, rooms, breathing space, washer/dryers, stoves and remot controls, there is no problem living with a girl.

Mon said...

the only time i lived with someone without the bangulation, was when my exes friend moved in w/us for a while. That totally sucked. One guy is hard enough to not murder. Two total slobs is hell. I'd never live with a male friend, you gotta get something out of putting up w/their dirty habits.

matt said...

Never did the roommate thing, but I'd be cool with maybe one girl...certainly not four, though!!

I'm pretty easy to get along with though, so I imagine it's possible that I could survive living with four girls...and come away with a few entertaining stories from watching the drama!

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

We had one poor boy Jon, who moved into our house our third year of college. Poor Jon had NO idea what he was getting himself into with 6 girls! I still think he is single because of that year! lol

Kelly and José said...

Kelly is the best roommate I have have ever had. I know I am biased but I have never reallly been able to get along with any of the guys I have lived with. For varying reasons from staying up till 5am playing video games, to telling me that people live on the moon and they can destroy people in their dreams. A power christian who thought he was being a "rebel" when he cut loose and had a few sips of beer and smoked The hardest one to get along with being from Macedonia (the country) he was a nice guy whoever very regemented and had to do everything according to scheduled, if we was every 5 minutes off, it was not pretty.


Amy said...

Alright, I'll bite, but only because your blog about the "BF", otherwise known as my college roomie, is so entertaining.
His getting ready routine inspired laughs. He would change his shirt 5times (each a button down in varying stripes/colors) and walk into Colleen's room to check himself out in her full length mirror and ask our opinions on his ensemble.
He meticulously tended to the "quadrants" of his hair, ensuring that each spike was picture perfect.
Then, after walking through a cloud of Versace cologne, he was ready to roll.
Oh yeah, he also had an unhealthy obsession with Playboy paraphenalia. :)
We might have all watched porn together like a big, happy family to get "tips" too.
But....he always washed the heap of dishes and provided patient and suprisingly insightful advice about boy troubles (of which there was too much)....thus, survey says: he was a good roomie. :)

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