Things my boyfriend's friends say

Monday, September 15, 2008
After watching the Browns game last night in a friend's basement, my BF's friend pointed out something to me.

"Girls have this way of naturally ruining everything." Everyone erupted into laughter.

Being that I was one of two girls present, he was referring to me because I was commenting on Polamalu's hair (he needs a hair tie) and if the players were or weren't good-looking. The final straw came when the cameras flashed to Michael Phelps. A kid I went to high school with was sitting next to him in the loge, which prompted my phone to ring a few times from friends.

According to Chris, this is when I started to ruin things.

Welcome to football season.


Mon said...

I think the friend doesn't know how good he has it. ruining a game is when you start a fight w/your boyfriend to embaress him into leaving. Not that I've ever witnessed this before........

ANG* said...

who was sitting next to phelps???

Narm said...

Girls and football are a volatile mix. I don't think girls can possibly understand the level of nerdiness guys have to achieve to properly watch a game. Texting and talking pull us out of the zone.

Allison M. said...

mon - I know! What else do they expect me to comment on? Although, it was quite hilarious when he said it.

ang* - mark moos. think junior high days.

narm - deal with it. I don't normally go to games because I understand that I'm annoying. There goes my next invitation to your double Tv'd living room.

Katelin said...

my bf says the same about me when i comment on athlete hair and looks, haha. i can't help it.

Maris said...

I'm all for "ruining" football. Between that and the snacks, I don't know how else I'd stay entertained. That is, until the game gets really close. Then I get into it!

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