Thursday, September 11, 2008
Several of my friends will ocassionally complain about the whereabouts of their boyfriends when they are out with friends. Mostly because they don't get updates or receive calls when they are out.

"He never calls me."
"I don't know where he is."
"When he's with his friends, I never hear from him."
"Why is he ignoring my texts?"

My answer was always, "He's with his friends. Leave them alone."

One of my pet peeves is when I'm out with my friends and their BFs call - all the time. Why are you calling? You know where she is and who she is with. It's even worse if the girls leave their phones on the table if we are out to dinner, talking and catching up. I've been known to steal a phone or two if necessary.

Put the cell phone away.

No one cares if he texts you about the make-up you left out on the counter for the fourth time. And, boys, don't be surprised if she doesn't answer her phone. Her good friends probably confiscated the device so she enjoys herself.

I don't have to be concerned with knowing where my BF is because I get days notice. He's known for sending me stupid e-mails or phone calls explaining where he'll be. Or, he concocts some elaborate story as to where he will be which is never true.

Here's what I get today from the BF.

Two things -

I will not be home tonight.

I will not be home all day on Sat 9/20 (secret male-only party)

My only rule - Just don't call me from the strip club. Call a cab to come and get you.


Mel said...

My only rule: if you're going to the strip club... you better call me to join you for a drink!

Just saying.

I'm probably guilty of both calling/texting my former bfs AND using my phone while out with my friends. I never really thought of it to be a big deal. I can't help if I miss him all the time... geesh. Psycho.

Hot Coffee Girl said...

I'm with you...I don't care where the BF is at as long as I a)Don't have to provide bail money or b)eventually have to pay child support as a result of his actions. I figure that he is a big boy and can take care of himself most of the time.

I LOVE that you steal your girlfriend's cell phones! That is awesome. And effective.

Joanna M said...

I know someone who should really read this post - unfortunately "she doesn't do blogs."


Sarah said...

i don't mind the phones so much, but it pisses me off when a boyfriend calls and demands my friend come home. can she not have a night out with friends when they hang out every other night? i just don't get it.

Kelly and José said...

I loathe it when Kelly is out with her friends and I can't get a hold of her because she is not by her phone. Although she does not really do this so much anymore.


Fabulously Broke said...

I don't care where or when BF goes out alone or comes back, as long as he tells me he's going out.

And I hate it when they call and check up constantly. Leave me alone until it's 11 p.m., then I'll call and say I'm coming back, or I'll come back and see you then. I'm a big girl now.

The worst is hypocritical BFs. They get a bit mad when you call and ask where the hell they are because they didn't tell you and when YOU go out but you tell them you're out, they freak out on you every hour

adriana said...

I am guilty of this every once in a while, but only when Sean is at work or we need to talk and it's the only time he will be able to get ahold of me. Otherwise, I don't need to talk to him at that exact moment.

And I don't care where he is, as long as I'm not going home expecting to go to dinner or something and then he's gone. As long as he gave me a "I'll be out" heads up, I could care less!

I have a friend who is like a teenager - she ALWAYS has her phone and is CONSTANTLY texting someone. It bugs me SOOO much.

The Modern Gal said...

That drives me crazy too. I hate the whole co-dependency act. There are some days I don't even communicate with my boyfriend, and you know what? It's ok. He's not somewhere cheating on me. It's called trust.

Katelin said...

i am so the same way as you are. i let the boy has his all boys time and hope he does the same, haha.

Allison M. said...

mel - really?

hot coffee girl - I try to help my friends out.

joanna m - help her out.

sarah - tell me about it. they need to relax.

Jose - let her have her fun.

FB - those BFs are the worst and most common.

adriana - your bfs friends probably like you

the modern gal - I agree. smart woman.

katelin - good girl.

Alexa said...

you are like this because you are a secure independent woman - but not all ladies can be like that.

poor girls.

Mon said...

i have a friend who is always texting/calling the boyfriend. many times I ask her why she comes out with us? its not much fun to be babysat. it doesnt matter what we're doing either. it could be an afternoon shopping.

It's nice to get a cute msg now and then, but not "is anyone looking at your boobs?"

Yea. He's sent her that, he's totally secure.

Mel said...

No, I was totally being sarcastic at the phone call/texting thing. LOL Although I'm sure I have had my fair share of bouts of insecurity.

But about the strip club? I'm completely serious.

Lylah said...

hey allison woman - i'm so jazzed that you came by my lylahblog - and made a comment on the guy talk post. THANKS...lylah

Me! said...

I totally agree with your post -- I have a friend who can't be gone for five seconds without her husband calling or texting asking where she is. Many-a-times he's even crashed our girls happy hour. I'm trying to think of ways to get rid of him :-)

JH said...

I enjoy the alone time when I am away from my husbondo. Maybe it's because we are married.

However, he does have a bad habit of calling me when I am with friends. It's weird he will goes days without calling as soon as I am out with a friend - he forgets where everything is in the house - he has 9 million questions.