15 and counting

Monday, October 6, 2008
Out of all the news that's happening right now in the U.S., this more or less makes me want to vomit because of its absurdity.

Really, Maria Menounos? You went to college, ate one too many basket of onion rings or late night Taco Bell runs and now you think a national TV audience can/should identify with you? You put on the freshman 15. Get over it. I did and several hundred of my fellow Kent Staters did too and lost it without a cover in Fitness magazine. But, you don't see me running around with less than flattering pictures of myself and touting them as if I solved the cure for PMS, do you? No, I don't.

You know who I want to see? I want to see all the father/daughter, mother/daughter and husband/wife teams from the Biggest Loser talking about their life changes after the show. Not a former skinny girl who gained a few pounds while on campus after one too many fraternity theme parties. Drink up, ladies, drink up.


Narm said...

Allison - please don't blog about my girlfriend.

Mon said...

i love the biggest loser! its my favorite!!!!

if all it took to lose weight was eating some peppers, id stop killing myself 5 days a week and take it up. Obviously she starved herself.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Okay totally nothing to do with this post, but i had to bring up what i saw last night. I was "by chance" channel surfing past the TLC monday night line up and saw your favorite show on the duggar's. lol oh lordy it was even worse then i thought from you post and web link! lmao they had the episode where josh asked anna to be commited to him. Who ever knew that hand holding could be such an orgasmic thing like it is for those two! lol

Allison M. said...

narm - deal with it.

mon - or hired a personal trainer/dietician.

lilly - I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8 - I missed that. And don't give me that "by chance," you know you set your DVR!

Four Fab Foodies said...

Hi Al

Not sure if you remember me from I think PR class...I know it was a class. Anyways, I came across your blog. Very funny girl. Good luck with it. I'm living with my BF/Fiance...he never replaces the pop so theres never any cold. Go Figure ;)

-Krista F.

I have one too although its taking a beating since economy/saving for a wedding/fun with cooking at home.


LBluca77 said...

She was not even fat to begin with. I really hate when there are stories like that. It just makes me feel fat for not being a size
4. And a size 4 on someone who is 5'8" is not healthy.

Every celebs pictures before they were famous look like hers. All she did was go into an industry that tells you anything over a size 2 is fat. She's stupid.

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