Wednesday, October 8, 2008
While both of us getting ready this morning for work, the BF decides to do a nice thing for me and offers to install my new wiper blades.

BF: Allison, did you get new wipers last night?

Me: Yep, they are in the car. I'm going to put them on this morning because I was too lazy last night.

BF: I'll do it for you. Just give me your keys.

Me: Thanks but it's OK. I know how do it myself. My dad taught me.

BF: (trying to be nice) Just give me your keys.

ME: BF, I'm a do-it-yourself kind of woman.

BF: (He breaks into immediate laughter) DIY woman?

Me: Look, BF, I can do a lot of things myself. I'm pretty self-sufficient.

BF: Oh, I know you are. So if you are a DIY woman, what's an alternator?

Me: It's that thing that charges your car. I know when it goes bad everything slowly stops working - the radio, the lights and the steering wheel freezes. (This happened to me once.)

BF: Ok, (thinking of a better question.) What's a johnny rod?

ME: A what?

BF: A johnny rod? How do you fix the johnny rod on your car?

Me: (Thinking while flat ironing my hair) I don't know but I'm sure I could figure it out.

BF: HA! There is no such thing as a johnny rod.

Me: That was a trick question. No trick questions allowed.


Narm said...

Hey BF - she isn't going to fix your Johnny Rod if you keep that up.

Katelin said...

i am definitely not a DIY woman, haha. good for you.

Alexa said...

johnny rod sounds dirty, i like it

Mon said...

lol! I can so relate! thus the reason I pulled my back out instead of asking for help lifting the a/c. i can do it!

I was thinking the johnny rod was the thingy that turns around in circles under the car.


LBluca77 said...

Johnny rod sounds like a nice pet name for the man land.