Tuesday, October 21, 2008
This past summer I spent a week with a few friends in Charlotte/W.Virginia. Since gas prices were rising, I decided to cut my costs in half and drive all the way to Charlotte to visit them, rather than cutting off my right arm for a plane ticket. It was a blast. We spent leisurely days at the pool, shopping at local malls and even hitting a few bars at nights.

After spending three days with my friend Steph and her husband, I discovered the secret room upstairs - otherwise known as the man room. Her husband had it decked out with sport pictures, his favorite beer in his mini-fridge, PS2 or XBox and a huge ass TV. He even went so far as to draw a picture for his wife to keep out - see below.

Two days ago, the BF must have remembered this because I found this nice piece of artwork in my office. He has decided to create a new bedroom/game room for the winter. If you look closely you will see his description of the current space, which apparently he doesn't care for based on this drawing.

1) I hate the chair he is referring to as the gaming chair (notice the highlighting). He claims it's the "most comfortable and perfect gaming chair." No, it's not. It currently sits in the corner of the living room and acts as a table because we throw our laptops, coats and my purse on it. Gaming my ass!

2) My mirror isn't ugly. I purchased it over two years for the fab price of $50 when any other mirror that size would cost upwards of $200. If he gets the ugly chair, I get the ugly mirror.

3) Open drawers? Not 100 percent of the time, maybe just 50 percent of the time. This isn't anything new. Mental note - I should really think about transferring some of my clothes into the semi-empty one he is referring to.

Yesterday, I fully expected to come home to a new room with him sitting front and center of the TV in the gaming chair. It didn't happen this time, however I have a feeling when I'm least expecting it everything will moved around to accommodate his winter activity - F U PS2.


Alexa said...

can i be best friends with your BF?

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Lmao...Oh my! But i do have to say there are 2 parts of this drawing that concern me (maybe alert is a better word.) The Diary ...is he telling us he has his own little diary?? & an empty dresser - hot damn, i'm jealous!!! When my bf moved in i had to give up one of my closets and 2 drawers in my dresser and i'm spilling out all over the place.. How is it possible to have an empty dresser?? lol
And no need to worry about that game room popping up anytime soon. Remember guys work on "man time". I would say you have a good month till he actually gets around to putting it together. lol

Mon said...

Until I read your description, I thought that the open drawers were a nod to his decorating ability, showing that they needed that space to open/close, like the door. ha ha ha. classic!

Boys and their rooms. They should at least have one so the rest of the house can stay nice though

Allison M. said...

alexa - Go for it.

Lilly - Actually, those are all of my things and journal that I write in. I didn't give up anything. We split our things into two separate rooms because I'm a clothes/shoe/accessory whore. He always pretends to read the journal, but he never actually does.

Mon - He thinks he's taking over the master but he won't. Not happening.

Katelin said...

i feel like if matt and i lived in a bigger place he would do the exact same thing, haha.

LBluca77 said...

If I ever live with someone I am so having my own room filled with shoes, candy and chick flicks. And the bathroom with have wine coming our from the faucets.

matt said...

Us guys, we like to torment you.


Beth said...

When we were house hunting, Andy made sure to point out which houses had rooms that would work as "man caves." (We did not end up with a house with a man cave.)