Friday Fodder

Friday, October 17, 2008
Last Saturday, I got my hair colored (not dyed) readers. It's a combination of adding highlights while still darkening it for the fall. Girls follow me, right?

Do you ever notice that men don't notice when you change your appearance? They just don't. At. All.

I told the BF that I was getting my hair done, came home hours later and said, "Do you notice anything different?" He looks at me strangely, "Um, no."
Me -"BF, I told you I was getting my hair done."
BF -"OK, it still doesn't look any different."
Me -"She darkened it. Do you notice the blond?"
BF - "No."
Me -"That's because it's not there anymore!"

Is this something that is built into men's DNA? It must be. However, I was proved wrong when a college student who I've only met once asked, "Did you do something to your hair?" AHA! It's not built in - maybe just buried deep within each male.


steph anne said...

same exact thing happens with me. i got my hair colored & cut while the fiance got a simple trim. my dad noticed my fiance's hair and said he liked it and said NOTHING about my hair!?! wtf. haha

Mon said...

some more than others. I think the new bf knows my hair is different only because he knows when im going...and when i get it done, she straightens it and its shiney. Otherwise no way. the color and cut, hed never guess on his own.

rs27 said...

He already has you, no reason to point out such silly things.

If he wa strying to date you though then he would be complimenting everything.

LBluca77 said...

The worst is when months later they finally notice and then say something.