Mr. Creepster

Monday, October 20, 2008
After agreeing to type a somewhat real account of myself and life, I should've known that I would receive a creepy e-mail or two. After all, we are all indirectly asking for criticism, right?

I'm tough, I can take it. However, what I can't take are the Creepy McCreepsters who e-mail me. Sorry - take your fetishes to message boards, not my e-mail account.

Case in point: This e-mail popped up in my inbox over the weekend.

Subject - big calves eeeeh

I love a woman with big calve , do you have a pic of them?

OK, Creepy McCreepster, please refrain from e-mailing me again. No, you will not receive a picture of my calves. Visit your local health club to see a whole group of people with big calves.


Narm said...

Besides - you don't have a wide-angle lens.

You are going to hit me now, aren't you?

LBluca77 said...

Ya what a creep. I don't get those kind of emails, but I do get instant messages from guys I don't know that ask questions about my sex life.

Mon said...

uhhhhhhhhhh yea, thats pretty crappy! people are freaks. I really miss the simpler times when we had no internet and those weirdos had only themselves, and the local sex shop to help them get their jollies off.

Todd said...

seriously, you won't send them?

thanks for not putting my e-mail address out there.

oops, did i just post this as a comment on your blog, ah, crap, where is the delete button?

i know it's around here somewhere, i mean, really, where is it?

hilarious, but seriously, that IS creepy! no, really creepy!

Alexa said...

who's todd?

Katelin said...

okay yeah that's just bizarre.