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Saturday, October 4, 2008
Well, we outdid ourselves with this latest surprise for our friend. My friends and I like to pride ourselves on being the best liars friends can be to each other. If we weren't, we'd never be able to pull this shit off.

Enter the New Kids concert. Our friend Katie is a huge fan and mentioned that she'd want to go. For some reason, none of us thought of buying tickets before she mentioned it. (stupid, so stupid.) Because her birthday is Oct. 30, we agreed this would be the perfect surprise and even outdo the surprise birthday party we threw last year. We came up with a story to have dinner at Bar Cento because one of the girls had to "bail" early to some made up location in Tremont. She has absolutely no idea about anything and thought the concert was the next day.

Nicole predicts our birthday girl's reaction.

Katie's actual reaction. (Thanks to our server for helping out with our plan.)

For those of you who missed the madness that was inside the Q, here's a short clip of it.

Everyone was going nuts for two straight hours wearing their t-shirts circa 1990 - I can't believe they still had them! It was packed with women ages 25-40, grown women tearing up at the end and rocking out like they were eternally 12-years-old. It was so much more fun and insanity than any of us ever thought it would be.

Dear Katie, I hope you had a great time. Thank you for being easy to trick so we can pull stunts off like this. Joey loves you, too.

Love your fantastic friends,
Allison, Erin and Nicole


taawd said...

i love this, it was just like i was there for the occasion.

how fun is it to be semi-famous at bar cento now?

nice job pulling off the surprise!!

i was sad to see you were harboring it up last night. i was on the east side!

talk soon!

Alexa said...

how fun is this?!?! what a great surprise you did!

still beyond jealous of you though.

Mon said...

i hate everyone that went. its totally unfair! waaaah!!!

LBluca77 said...

Oh you girls are so great to do that for your friend. I am so jealous you got to go the NKOTB concert.

Katelin said...

that is one awesome birthday gift. you guys are so cute. i wish i was going to a new kids concert.

Anonymous said...

I love it. Best night ever. We are the coolest friends in the world. Xoxo. Erin

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