All I want for Xmas

Monday, November 24, 2008 a new Louis Vuitton.

Enough about me though. It's that time again: to officially start thinking about what to get the BF for this Christmas. How can you not? Both at Legacy and Eaton are blasting holiday music as you walk outside through the shops. Let's not forget how every news outlet is featuring "dinners for less, gifts for less and anything else for less."

Last year I rocked - or at least in my mind I did. I bought him this awesome light purple shirt and goldish tie. The shirt was this perfect lavender color that would've looked great under a black or deep brown blazer (both of which he has). Apparently, you don't wear a tie lighter than your shirt (so he says) and wearing purple was too much of a leap for him.

Side note - The kid wears light pink. So, in my defense, I didn't think light purple was that much of stretch, right?

Anyway, I bought a few other things like the standard cologne and maybe a pair of shoes, too. I have a short-term memory right now so it's escaping me.

What did he buy me? A white Northface, Paris Hilton perfume (because he thought it was funny) and a white Coach purse I returned along with the Paris Hilton perfume.

So, let's think of some ideas for him this year under our limit - $100.

Running list -
new scent
Northface he pointed out at Dick's
pictures of my beautiful face plastered all over his car and inside of his bathroom
Christmas ale
Express shirts he wants in every color

What else? What are some gifts you are buying for the men in your lives?


adriana said...

My boyfriend only wants one thing this year. A new ukulele. Incredibly silly, but he'll get it because he never asks for anything.

Fizzgig said...

lets see...last year i bought the man a bracelet, and a watch. while i get an extensive discount at work, still expensive. I got wine glasses from him. So, i have NO CLUE what im doing this year. I made him a photobook of our first year together, that's bound...i really want to keep it though.

Narm said...


Did I mentioned I will now be joining your Xmas?

Anonymous said...

Are you fuckin' crazy???.A purse for $700.00!!!!..Love. Dad

Alexa said...

i can't read this post allison!!!! i refuse to talk christmas until AFTER thanksgiving. i'll check back on friday.

Allison M. said...

Adriana - your boyfriend sounds interesting.

Fizzgig - you are so thoughtful.

Narm - sure! you can drink with my family.

Dad - Seriously! Don't drop the F bombs.

Alexa - I'll look for your comment after Thursday.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Umm, you don't need the BF for the new Louis. Just start working your magic, girl.

Katelin said...

i am completely drawing a blank on what to get my bf this year. i definitely need some help.

Ashten said...

last year i got my bf a new golf bag.

this year im getting him a game for the wii, and not sure what else.

Karen said...

Last Christmas the big gift to him was a video camera with smaller gifts of an arrowhead necklace, a fleece blanket and two foot warmers I made him, and accessories for the camera.

So far this year we have moccasin type slippers and a Homedics back massager pad to help with the gerbil sized knots he gets from ridiculous hours a day working on a computer.

I am pretty stumped for the big gift this time. Anybody have two home tickets to a Flyers game with great seats that they don't want?

Kelly and José said...

I think we're taking it easy on the gifts this Christmas b/c of our wedding being less than two before the holiday. . .

However, I hope this doesn't become an easy way out in the future for either of us ;)


Kelly and José said...

Note: Less than two *weeks* before our wedding, that is

Ali said...

I can barely remember what I got for christmas last year, let alone what I gave the bf. This year I am thinking digital camera, a beer brewing package (per male twitter's friends recommendations) or a Netflix package. That's all I've got so far

stealthnerd said...

Wow--your list is basically the same as my list. I am still looking for that one "wow factor" gift but so far, nothing has jumped out. Bummer.