Bag giveaway

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Calling on purse lovers!

As you see to the right, that bag is up for grabs courtesy of Dawn from Bella Dawn Boutique.

If you are interested in winning this bag, you just have answer a simple question.

If you could only put three things (anything, use your imagination) in here, what would they be? Comment and then send me your e-mail address.

Mascara, tissues, condoms, hand lotion, a gun, iPod, an extra pair of shoes- you pick, it's your bag. And, Dawn and I reserve the right to choose the winner based on the most creative answer. Yes, boys you count too - Girls love receiving surprise gifts.

Plus, check out her site for a few more amazing purses, earrings and dresses. If you see something you like, enter in "Confessions" into the promo code and you'll receive an extra 10 percent off your purchase.

For any friends or family who want to start Christmas shopping early for me, here are a few things that are on my list. (BF, get moving!)

Brown Belted Tote

Textured Metallic Bubble Cuff

Deep Green Pocket Tote

Shiny Black Leggings
The winner will be chosen on or around November 30. Happy entering.


Christina K said...

I'd use this baby during elephant riding for my Thai trip. Contents:

1. Thai phrase book (need to remember "go" and "stop" commands)
2. sweet potato (to get in good with my new elephant friend)
3. phone to tweet and take awesome photos while elephant riding.

Christina K said...

P.S. I beg you, please do not wear shiny leggings. They totally freak me out.

Alexa said...

1. my blackberry
2. my LV key chain/wallet thing
3. my makeup bag

does so what if my makeup bag hold a lot of smaller things? ha

stealthnerd said...

1. My phone.
2. A blank (but lined) notebook.
3. A pen.

The three perfect tools to blog with. Phone to take pictures of the ridiculousness (and to order out for pizza) and a notebook and pen to write the craziness that's happening.

AMANDA said...

I would put
1. my camera
2. My current book, "Atonement"
3. Bubble Gum

Natalija said...

I would put:
1)Colourful Rubber Rain Boots
2)My Cross Stitch Kit
3)French Bagel

That's all :)))

Allison M. said...

Christina K - I haven't bought any yet but I'm thinking about it.

stealthnerd - interesting.

amanda- just hope the gum doesn't melt

natalija - boots!

Sara said...

k, so im thinking I'd carry

1) robin hood style quarter machine treasures to give out to little kids for the holidays and make them happy

2) The new puppy that obama promised me

3) iphone, so i can find my way around when I'm giving out treasures and talking said puppy for a walk.