Promiscuous no more

This past weekend we celebrated my friend's birthday. It was a good one with about 30other people to hang out with in this new bar called Cadillac Ranch in Public Square. OK, mind you, all of us haven't gotten together under one roof in awhile. All the girls brought more friends, boyfriends and kind of boyfriends into the mix, plus with all the other people we each saw, it turned into quite the fun fest of a Saturday night celebration.

This is the birthday girl, Erin, with her boyfriend

However, a new piece of information was brought to my attention courtesty of one unnamed blogger - my friends aren't that slutty anymore.

Unnamed blogger -"Allison," in a serious tone, "you're friends really aren't as slutty as I thought they'd be."
Me - "What?!?"
Unnamed blogger - "Yeah, you know, I just thought they'd be more slutty. Kind of disappointing."
Unnamed blogger's friend chimes in - "Yep, realllllll disappointing."
Me - "No. My friend's can be slutty. They can be."
Unnamed blogger - "Who? Point them out."
Me - "Well," as I start scanning my group of friends to pick out who would or wouldn't be the most likely to go home with either of them.
Me - "OK, she has a boyfriend, she's married, she may or may not be living with this guy, she doesn't have a boyfriend but her ex is here and my boyfriend is right there."
Unnamed bloggers friend - "Yep, you no longer have slutty friends."
Unnamed blogger - "Real disappointing for us."
Me - "And me!"

*Editor's note: My friend Katie, who is having issues posting her comments, is irate that I'm referring to any of us at one time or another as a slut. I was referring to specific people who we were or weren't friends with that had a crazy one-night stand or five in college. That's all. We all have friends like this who make our lives more entertaining on a daily basis. Laugh, it's funny.


Fizzgig said...

i dropped my slutty friend when she kissed my then husband during my birthday celebration in the flats. There's slutty, and then there's skanky! Thank god you dont have those kinds of friends!

Not to mention the husband was no prize, and I've long since moved on!

Boys are funny like that!

Alexa said...

that "unnamed blogger" sounds like a real scum bag huh?

Anonymous said...

I probably can take a guess that the unnamed blogger's name starts with an "N" and ends in "arm."

Ashley said...

Haha - you have the best conversations sometimes.

Katelin said...

yeah i've noticed that my friends and i have less and less crazy stories too, oh to grow up, haha.

Narm said...

Wow that Unnamed Blogger sounds handsome and muscular.

LBluca77 said...

Everyone does soemthing slutty at some point in their life. Sometimes it just happens.

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