Vote or buy jeans

Monday, November 3, 2008
What's more American than a great pair of jeans?

If you live in the Cleveland area, head over to Lush Boutique for a sale on jeans until Sunday.
$25 off any pair of denim under $200
$50 off any pair of denim over $200

Yes, boys, pick your jaws up off the ground because a fabulous pair of denim can cost more than $200. However, my personal cap is around $190 because anything over that is just simple overrated and overpriced - think Denim by Victoria Beckham. Hell, at this point, spending $190 is slightly ridiculous in itself, but I'll limit myself to only one pair this year.

Besides, a great fit can do wonders for the back side.


taawd said...

first, my jaw was on the ground.

second, will that girl be there?

Ashley said...

thanks for the heads up! I'm in need of new jeans like you wouldn't believe...

Fizzgig said...

that's what I hear.....My splurge item is bras. I pay a pretty penny for a good bra. Jeans? I go to old navy and get the flirt for 25 bucks. I'm cheap that way.

I practically have 5 kids with all my pets, they cost me an arm and a leg!