You're welcome

Thursday, November 27, 2008
Because most bloggers will be doing heartfelt posts about things they are thankful for today, I figured I'd spice things up with a "you're welcome" to my friends, family and BF.

You're welcome friends -

- for always saying inappropriate things.
- for expressing my views when you do or don't necessarily want to hear them.
- for making you laugh at my and your expense.
- for being that girl who tries to dance and imitate videos such as Britney or Beyonce.

You're welcome mom and dad-

- for being your first-born, the one who listens, who only hit the garage door once while learning to drive and never getting arrested.
- for not killing my younger brother when you left me to baby-sit him. (He turned out fine, right?)
- for ending your sentences when you describe what I've been up to your friends in "Oh, you know how that Allison is."

You're welcome BF-

-for attemtping to turn off lights, clean and pick up my clothes that I know bothers you to no end.
-letting you transform the bedroom so you can "fish" with that stupid PS2 game this winter.
-for buying "fresh" smelling candles because you hate the smell of anything food-related even though I love a good warm spiced candle in the winter!
-for keeping you on your toes through our relationship.


Alexa said...

as always, you are a pimp allison.

Kelly and José said...

Thank you x2 for sharing this list with us ;)


LBluca77 said...

Oh I like how you did that. Change up the holiday a bit.

Katelin said...

haha love it. i think the bf owes you big time for letting him turn the bedroom into a play area too.