Cheers to the new year

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well, it's that time when bloggers will write witty posts about things they would like to improve on in the new year. You know, I bet working out and eating better will be at the top of everyone's list or saving money because no one has any at this point. However, since this is my blog, it's my take on New Year's resolutions.

When the BF and I took a short trip to Rochester to visit his family, we discussed a few things we'd like to change about each other. What better time then starting with a new year....

1) His road rage.
I have no tolerance for idiot people and he's included that in group when he gets road rage. At first, he hid it from me like he was hiding a girl on the side. I never saw it come out. Ever. However, fast forward two years and he whips it out at any and every trip we take.

The mall, hello road rage, to the grocery store, hello road rage, to my parent's house, hello road rage.

I can't even describe how unenjoyable it is when he acts like this. He will cut off cars that cut him off. I close my eyes and hold my breath. Does that make sense to cut off cars? Not to me it doesn't. Plus he's endangering my life and I have a lot of things left to do - something I constantly remind him of.

To help him change in 09, I'll slit his tires and offer to drive every chance I get.

2)His TV watching skills.
He blocks me out when he's watching TV. He can completely pretends like I'm not there. At all. Even if I have something worthwhile to ask him. (There are things you can interrupt TV for, boys.) For instance, we were watching the Dark Knight and I had an important question. Nothing from him. No noise, no facial movements, no head nod - it was like I wasn't even there. Impressive huh?

Here's what I'm going to do to solve the problem - I'm going to steal the remote and hit pause everytime he doesn't answer me.

Yep, that's right BF. During Seinfeld, PAUSE, during Whale Wars, a big PAUSE and even during Cavs games - hello PAUSE.

Those are my new year's resolutions for you BF! Let's see how you improve on these during 2009.

Me? I don't really need any. I make changes throughout the year.


Karen :) said...

Haha, I love it. Amen to the pause button - isn't DVR amazing?!

floreta said...

i thought this post was hiliarious.

Rachel said...

i think every guy tunes out their girlfriends/wives when they are watching tv, it's genetic or something. i'll never understand it... they just can't multi task like we can. :)

happy 2009!!!

Greg said...

That is the first time slitting someone's tires has ever sounded selfless... well done!

(Happy New Year!)

lauren said...

this is hilarious. I want to make resolutions for my BF now too.

The Modern Gal said...

Oh man, I don't know that I could limit myself to two with my boyfriend.

I did a resolution a couple of years ago to drive more slowly after I got two speeding tickets like within a couple weeks of each other. The funny thing is, that my road rage tendencies sort of went away when I slowed down a bit. I guess the two are related somehow.

Fizzgig said...

well...whale wars is over for the season, so you should hit him up fridays at 9!!

Jackie said...

Loved this post! My live in bf does the exact same thing with the tv. I end up calmly repeating his name over and over and over again until he is so annoyed he has to answer me. Plus I get to ruin a minute or two of his show by drowning out the sound.

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