the lonely island..more to come on SNL

Sunday, December 7, 2008
Welcome to the beginning of another work week! If you are a person who hates Mondays or work in general, watch this short video from Andy Samberg and the boys and it will make your Monday look better than chocolate to a girl with PMS. Plus, you'll have a completely inappropriate line you'll keep singing over and over and over.

P.S. J. Timberlake makes a hot janitor.

UPDATE - Click here for the video. It was taken down.


ANG* said...

i love the JT cameo

The Modern Gal said...

Ha ha, that's almost a legitimately good song. I do love all the cameos.

Julie Cajigas said...

This is EVERYWHERE today. We saw it on SNL and thought it was hilarious :). The best part is when he gets the phone call after the horror film. HIs face and the phone dropping to the floor is extra-funny for some reason. Anyway - happy Monday.

Allison M. said...

ANG*- I love JT.

The Modern Gal - don't think I'm not singing it out loud!

Julie Cajigas - just like the Dick in the Box!

Kelly and José said...

My sister shared that video with me yesterday -- hilarious.

We both came to the conclusion that there is something oddly attractive about Andy Samberg, hmm. . .what do you think?


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