Wrap this

Thursday, December 18, 2008
I'm getting into the Christmas spirit. I don't know about you! Last night, I finished most of my shopping and needed to wrap a few gifts.

Editor's note: I might be the worst wrapper of all time. It's pretty terrible.

If it all possible, I always take advantage of free wrapping because my skills are really that bad. If I have box to wrap around, I'm not that bad. But, you give me a sweater without a box because those bastards at Banana Republic were out, and you have a handful - a handful of crinkly paper with uneven corners and a botched taping job.

Well, the BF is a great wrapper! He was so precise with his corners and even added this cool ribbon wrapping to a gift for his brother. Since I sucked at wrapping and I don't have much Christmas on iTunes except for Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, I decided to sing some of my favorites out loud. You know, like Jingle Bells, What Christmas Means to me (think Stevie Wonder) and Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

BF- Is this what you do when you are alone?
Me- Still singing and dancing around the place, "I do this all the time."
BF- Good thing no one is videotaping you right now.

He's lucky I didn't blast my favorite Christmas song of all time.

Wham! warms the cockles of my heart.

Here's Jimmy Eat World's version


Fizzgig said...

classic! at least he can appreciate it!

my fave is john denver and the muppets. I love the muppets! If I could marry them I would!

Katelin said...

yeah i'm pretty sure matt thinks my christmas music choices are ridiculous too, but it's okay. he can't argue when i'm wrapping his presents for him.

Narm said...

Why am I not surprised that BF is a great wrapper?

Christina K said...

Check out the Jack Johnson Xmas album with other artists...nice & relaxing and pretty cool.

P.S. Phil once wrapped my bday gift with four different wrapping paper scraps cuz he couldn't find my supplies. It was not pretty.

Beth said...

Andy's a better gift wrapper than I am also. I think it's because I don't have the patience to make the corners neat and crisp.

Anonymous said...

I actually hate wrapping so much I cry while I do it. But I also drink, so that really helps.