Friday Fodder

Friday, January 23, 2009
I've been hearing for awhile about a "girl" (read: desperate for attention) who is going to lose her V-card for a price at a legal brothel in Nevada. Only in America. And, only in America is some idiot bidding $3.8 million. Can't we use that money to save people's jobs?

Meet Natalie Dylan, aka, the next Anna Nicole Smith.

Dear Natalie Dylan,

I'm ashamed to have the common bond of being a woman with you. It's ultimately disgusting to know that you are gaining publicity on an act that you probably will never fulfill. And, if you do, the follow-up news stories will just be that much worse than everything else that's been written.

Where exactly do you go from here? You can't exactly go up, can you?



PoisonIvy068 said...

eww that's disgusting...I heard about this story, she said she was doing it to pay for colege...umm thir called student loans??

Tova Darling said...

Ugh, yeah, I heard about that. She's using it to finance college, apparently, and I'm wondering what field she plans to go into. I mean, it would certainly limit her career options. Nobody's going to want to knowingly hire a former prostitute as, say, an elementary school teacher no matter what kind of degree she has.

Fizzgig said...

total waste of money, shes totally going to suck at it. and you know you can only do it once the first time cus it hurts, and whoever has that kinda money to toss away is not part of our new america. lol

Deutlich said...

While I couldn't do it, I kinda think it's neat that she's getting paid SOOOOOOOO much for it. She'll never have to work again.

Miss Fabulous said...

I seriously doubt this attention whore is a virgin.

Katelin said...

this story is ridiculous i can't believe she's actually doing it, shudder.

Envious Leigh said...

I am ashamed that this fetishism of virginity still exists, and that there are men out there willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money to pop a girl's cherry.

While I may not agree with Ms. Dylan's take on capitalism, I think her decision is interesting. She said in an interview that she is a women's studies major and feminist, and she is a capitalist taking advantage of an overtly patriarchal system. However, I wish she would use this auction to point out that human trafficking is a huge issue, and men continue to pay to rape girls, even in the United States, because they are obsessed with being the first.

Ms. Dylan is irresponsible at best, but how can I sit here and judge her for taking advantage of the society I am a part of? While Ms. Dylan could certainly do more for feminism than selling her virginity on ebay, so can I.