I got you babe

The word "babe" is often used from one person to another person as a sign of affection when you are in a relationship of sorts.

Babe, can you hand me the remote?
What do you want to do tonight, babe?
Can I open the door for you, babe?

However, nothing ticks me off more than when the BF calls other female friends "babe." When other guys refer to me as "babe" or any other pet names and we aren't dating, I'm slightly weirded out and think I'm in the movie Clueless. It comes off as creepy, insincere and completely fake to me.

So, I pointed it out to him because he mostly does it when he hangs up the phone and these girls may have the same opinion as me so I decided I needed to have an intervention. To break the ice, I figured I'd just blurt it out in true Allison fashion after I heard the dreaded word again.

"OK, I'll talk you later, babe." and hangs up the phone.
(Like scratching your nails on a chalkboard to my ears.....)

Me- Why do you call other girls babe and then try to call me it too?
BF- I don't know, I just always say it.
Me- Well, I think it's creepy when guys I'm not dating call me pet names. Don't you?
BF- I'm not being creepy and I don't even know I'm saying it.
Me - Well, the girls might think it's weird but have never told you it to your face.
BF- No, they don't.
Me - OK, so maybe you aren't creepy but it's still weird. But, either call them babe or me, pick one and it can't be both.

Awhile later I also started this conversation in front of his friends, and his friend, Mike, agreed with me after noticing he called his girlfriend "babe."

Well, I made my point clear for once in our relationship and if he hears himself say it, he kind of does this "damn I said it" silent reaction where shrugs his shoulders or mouths "dammit" and we both start laughing.


Medicated and Motivated said...

I agree, I don't want my boyfriend calling someone else by a pet name that he uses for me.

Deutlich said...

Now I have that Sunny & Cher song stuck in my head

rs27 said...

He calls other girls babe? The only girl I call abbe is my mom.

Wait thats weird.

adriana said...

Yeah, I would have an issue with that, too. I would not like it one bit if my bf called his girl friends the same nickname he called me.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Your boyfriend really cracks me up! The pains of defeat on his his own behalf. ha! (Ha! poor guy! 1st the game chair, then the pillows!) lmao

Love your blog - keep it up. :)

Katelin said...

i totally agree that it should be used for one or the other. matt reserves the babe calling just for me and i'm quite alright with that, haha.

Allison M. said...

medicated and motivated - we see eye to eye.

Deutlich - Sorry for bringing that song into your head.

rs27 - yes, you are weird.

adriana - kinda creepy right.

Lilly- wait until you see tomorrow's post.

Katelin - I like your BF.

PoisonIvy068 said...

i def. would be annoyed if my bf called other girls babe..thats just weird.