Personal boundaries

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
What don't you do in front of your BF or GF? Speaking in personal habits of course. You know, like all the unattractive qualities like burping, farting or even not having your teeth in!

Check out this article from CNN - What would you do in front of your spouse.

Excerpt from the article -
"Doug Lueder and his wife Sam have wildly disparate ideas of what's appropriate to display in front of others, a philosophical difference that literally exploded one night during their courtship: Doug tried to impress Sam by holding a lighter to his backside while passing gas. The bad news: Sam hated it, along with Doug's other explicit exhibits of certain personal habits. The good news: She married him anyway. The couple now lives with their two small children in Atlanta, Georgia, where Mommy teaches them to pass gas discreetly and Daddy, well, breaks wind blithely and chuckles about it."

Personally, I hate burping, especially belching out loud from females. So disgustingly gross and unattractive. I think my face just soured from thinking about it. Blah!

For me, I desperately need my own personal space in the bathroom and closet because of those habits. Mainly because boys have personal hygiene products that I don't want see among my make-up and hair care products.

Razors - hair gets everywhere.

Deo- hate that smell.

Clippers - again, hair everywhere.


Ashley said...

Absolutely no farting - among either parties. Yuck.

But, in the name of honest, I'm one of those girls who belches. Though sometimes, I just can't help it...I'll explode otherwise. But at least, burping in general doesn't bother me :-)

Miss Fabulous said...

I agree %100. As someone who ask a child had a father who traumatized her by asking her to "pull his finger" I will never date/marry a guy like that.

Hair twirling habits on the other hand? (I have one too.) I think those are always perfectly acceptable. At least until I figure out a way to quit. :)

Miss Fabulous said...

and by ask a child, I mean as a child

Allison M. said...

Ashley - don't belch in front of me. Gross!

Miss Fabulous - cheers to hair twirling

Christina K said...

My hubby and I met online. During a phone conversation before we met in person when we were discussing habits, I admitted that I don't always close the door when I'm in the bathroom and by myself at home. The first time I went to his apartment, he had a typed note taped to the door that said to keep the door closed when in use...signed by the mgmt (in all caps). Cute, but I still sometimes keep the door open!

lauren said...

my boyfriend lays it all out on the table - meaning he holds nothing back. It disgusts me, but he does have some legit stomach problems. but still - I hold it back in front of him. nasty.

oh and I need my own closet, so he uses the tiny one in the extra bedroom. :)

Katelin said...

i am such a burper, granted i think i've gotten better. but i definitely do not fart in front of matt if i can help it. farting is never a fun one, haha.

Fizzgig said...

While I have no problem peeing with the door open, I wouldnt like someone to stand and watch me...i just dont like closed quarters. I may feel comf enough that if i accidentally have some sort of gas escapage, I'm only mildly horrified. But id never do it on purpose. I put this in the same category withnever seeing me give birth, should I choose to do so. Some things, boys dont need to see, it should be mysterious.

sorry, can't leave my name on that one said...

My wife sometimes gets annoyed when I try to show her an impressive bowel movement that I'm particularly proud of.

Greg said...

Married. We both hold almost nothing back. Not a huge fan of belching personally, and neither is she. Maybe that's how you know you've found "the one."

The Rambling Diva said...

I don't live with anyone right now, but I'm totally with you on the razors and hair everything thing!

I also have an award for you on my blog :)