Buckle bunnies

Monday, February 9, 2009
Typically on Mondays, I can't wait to see what my blog friends did over the weekend.

Alexa went to Detroit and won some money.
Katelin watched Pirates of the Carribean and recovered from a CPK coma.
Always a bridesmaid joined 456,454 other women and saw He's Just Not That Into You.

However, no one could beat my weekend of bull riders, 70 degree weather and buckle bunnies. No, I can't claim that catchy phrase as my own. But, I can say, you've never seen groupies until you've seen bull rider groupies.

Because of my job, I was sent to work this weekend in Tallahassee with the Professional Bull Riders. And with these days away, I witnessed some groupie action like no other with some very up close and personal bull action right behind the chute.

Apparently some of these bunnies follow the riders from stop to stop trying to see them, meet them and whatever else with them - you figure it out.

If you want to be a buckle bunny, here's what you have to do -

1)Wear tight jeans, push up bra, cowboy boots and a glittery belt or long ass necklace with dog chains of some type. Extra points are for just tank tops, even if it's only 35 degrees when you walk out of the arena.

2)Must wear makeup. Lots of it. Needs to be completed with faux lashes, lots of tanning and bronzer. It also helps if you can whip out a compact to check your gooey lipgloss and pout your lips at all times in case the camera finds you.

3)Go in groups. The more makeup, hair and sparkly clothes...the better. Those cowboy hats will turn to face you in all your glory. And, you might even end up lucky.

Here's my weekend in pictures and video.

yes, real bulls.

rider mounting the bull.

Rider at "work."


Deutlich said...

Bull riders have groupies?!?!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that the WORLD CHAMPION bull rider, Guilhereme Marchi, sat next to you on the flight out. A fact I will always and forever be jealous of.

Allison M. said...

Deutlich - oh yes they do.

Anon - Yes, that world champion gave me cold from all his coughing.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

buckle bunny?!?!


Fizzgig said...

buckle bunnies is a cute term. If I didn't think bull riding was totally inhumane, I would be one just to have a cute name like that!

Katelin said...

buckle bunnies? i didn't even know such a thing existed. learn something new every day!

and yeah, this weekend definitely beats mine :)

Narm said...


Might need to make a career change.

Anonymous said...

Ladies I am looking for a buckle bunny anyone interested